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People in Dera Ethiopia have many challenges.  School age children attend to their family’s place in the water line in lieu of attending class. Enrollment in Dera schools has dropped over 25% and absenteeism among those enrolled is extremely high. Lines of water cans can wait for up to 15 days to be filled.   

Currently, Hope Arising joined a collaborative effort to bring water to 58,000 people in Dera, Ethiopia (located two hours southeast of the capital Addis Ababa). This project requires 30km of pipe to bring water from two freshwater springs downhill to twelve existing water points throughout the Dera area. 

Hope Arising has sent dentists down to Dera but they have no lighting or electricity to run their tools while working on children. has sent a 12 Volt pedal power bicycle generator system to Dera to provide lighting and operate dental tools to help in this effort.

Dera  Ethiopia

Pedal Power for Humanitarian 3rd world county non profit efforts, Dera Ethiopia Africa


African Ethiopian children wait in line for water for hours in the twon of Dera









Mayo High School, Rochester, MN

Peach Corps Volunteers

Currently people in the small village of Monze South Africa share one lead acid battery.  They use it, among other things,  to charge their cell phones.  When this one battery goes dead then it must be taken to be recharged at a location 35 km away with much difficulty due to bad road conditions.

SOLUTION: is going to donate a pedal power bicycle generator charging  system to enable villagers to charge their battery.


Monze, South Africa


This is a an example of how a 600 Watt 3 person pedal power generating station could be setup in a small village to help with their power needs.